Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bring On the Baby Knits!

With one week (one week?!?) until my due date, I figure it's time to start thinking about the "important stuff".  That's right: what is baby number three going to wear home from the hospital?


Both had special hand knits waiting for them, I think it only fitting that our third child should expect the same.

About a year ago, I purchased some amazing Merino/Alpaca Swan's Island Yarn.  It's been sitting and tempting me,  but I wanted to save it for just the perfect project- and I think this may just be it.

I've never knit a baby blanket for a baby.  That's right: never.  Working on this has made me realize I should always have a baby blanket on the needles.  It's great to have a project to pick up and knit a few rows here or there without having to think too much about it or dig through my knitting bag to get a pattern out.  

I recently came across and fell in love with this book and plan on knitting the bonnet that's on the cover.

Now comes the challenge.  I have more of the Swan's Island Yarn and would love to do a matching cardigan/hat/booties set for coming home from the hospital, but I'm feeling a bit uninspired.  The yarn is worsted weight, and usually I prefer the lighter weights for newborns- but this yarn is too soft and magnificent to not use.

So, does anybody know of any great worsted weight baby layette sets?  Or maybe just a pattern that you've adapted  for worsted weight yarn (maybe it was originally done in fingering /dk/sport weight?).

Links, pictures, anything- put them in the comments.  I'd love to see any suggestions!

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  1. Beyond Puerperium is a great gender-neutral choice for a sweater.

    I always love the Aviatrix hat, but that may be a bit warm for a May baby :-).

  2. What is the blanket pattern?

  3. I agree with Regency about Puerperium. As for booties, I like these. But you'll start at the cuff so use a super stretchy cast on or they won't fit as long as the feet would.

  4. You might consider one of my friend Julie's cute patterns : or They could fit the bill with only minor adjustments, what do you think ?

  5. I'm currently working on "Chaussons Mignons" and "My Sweetest Friend" (booties and bonnet) both garter stitch and free on Ravelry. They're also both quite easy to finagle for a lot of different yarns. I think one is written for worsted and one for DK, but I'm knitting in fingering weight without issues. I think they both really let a special yarn do the talking without too much fuss.

  6. have you seen this:

  7. I knit this cardigan, hat and matching booties for my little one when she was born. I LOVE this pattern!

  8. Could you identify the gorgeous baby blanketattern that you are using? Congratulations on the impending birth.

  9. I'd love to know what pattern you're using for the baby blanket! It's beautiful. I just had my second baby on Memorial Day and I'd love to make this for her!