Let the Christmas Knitting Begin!

Yes- it's a highly debated topic... is it acceptable for radio stations to play Christmas music as soon as Halloween is behind us?  We all seem to have different opinions.  There's those of us who just love the soothing sound of our favorite Christmas crooners that even two months doesn't seem like enough.  Then there's the "Christmas purists" who insist that the season must be contained in it's allotted time slot as not to disturb the other holidays that live in the mere shadow of Christmas (ahem... hi, Thanksgiving).  But, as knitters, I think we all must agree that Christmas knitting can start as early as we'd like it to (and continue through the year if need be!).  

So, now that we have finally put spooky ghosts and cackling witches to rest, I'm feeling the urge to move on to cozy fires and oversized knits season.  Who's with me?!

Today I'd like to share an excerpt from my book, to help prepare your heart for the long knitting season ahead :-)

"As a young child, my favorite gifts on Christmas morning were the ones that were stashed in my stocking.  Little puzzles and trinkets could elicit as much excitement as the larger gifts that had been adorned with bows and placed prominently under the tree.  These precious stocking treasures could easily be packed up for long car trips to relative’s houses, where we would be welcomed into cozy homes with warm fires for evenings of family, and creating memories.   

As an adult, I still look forward to a full stocking on Christmas morning, but now, I enjoy unpacking our family stockings from their boxes even more.  As soon as Thanksgiving is over, our holiday decor goes up.  Fresh evergreen hangs from curtain rods, the crisp white lights surround the front porch, and the handknit family stockings adorn the fireplace for an entire, magical month. And once the house settles down each evening,  I find myself indulging in the most silent and peaceful nights as I welcome the new season that is approaching.  

The stockings are where it all starts for me.  Each year, this comforting tradition reminds me that a time of family and rest and warmth will soon be here.  My hope is that this becomes more than a book on your shelf.  My hope is that the love stitched into each stocking you create starts a new tradition that kicks off a season of togetherness in your own life."

I love both giving and receiving homemade gifts, and I hope that this collection can help facilitate this process for you this holiday season.

In the coming weeks, "Comfort & Joy" will be on a little trip around the country by way of a blog tour, where you will find book reviews and giveaways.  On top of this, I will be running some contests where you will have the chance to win both books and yarn. Looking forward to sharing this knitting season with you (and now I'm off to sip some nog while listening to "Silent Night")!