A Teaser

Although I still haven't managed to get my "real" camera out to snap photos of sweet Sam, my phone has been my trusty companion and I've been able to open instagram a few times to capture some great moments.  

I even found time to slip a couple hand knits on my boy the other day during big sister's nap time:

Patterns:  Aviatrix and Milo Soaker (sized down for newborn)

Just in Case You Were Waiting On This

Dear most cooperative baby in my womb,

I have to admit, the past few weeks have been quite busy as we have made preparations for you.  I've had a lot on my plate, and I was praying each day that you would stay put.  Now today is the day that was assigned as your due-date, and somehow we've beaten all odds and are quite ready for your appearance.

I love the fact that you have been so obedient until this point, but now I have a new message:  We're Ready!!

And in case you were worried about your new little sweater, don't be.  It's waiting for you, too:

Yes, I know it looks a little incomplete, but the edging shall wait until you arrive.  I need to know which hat and bootie set to match, and then make the decision on which edging I will do.  So- no worries, just make an appearance!




It's true.  Today is my due date.  Since Elise was a few days early, I never thought I would make it to this point with my second, so now I admit I'm getting a little antsy.  Last night I had the first decent night of sleep that I've had all week.  I woke up early, before Joe and Elise, in order to take a long, relaxing shower and enjoy a little extra pampering time.  You know- just in case.  I'm feeling well-rested and ready for delivery (well, as ready as anyone ever wants to be I suppose).  

Will this baby listen to my plea and come today?  We all know second children are most considerate, and this babe is the product of two second children- here's hoping!

As far as the edging on my Milk sweater, I'm thinking about coordinating it with the hat and bootie sets I made last week.  So, If we end up with a little guy, it will be the variegated blue and green edging seen here: 

And if we end up with another little lady, I'll go purple:

In the original pattern, Milk has a beautiful scalloped crocheted edge.  

Can't you see why I am totally in love with this wee sweater?!?  If we have a girl, I will definitely keep the crocheted edging.  If it is a boy, I may knit a moss stitch border.  I have done up a little test swatch to practice and figure out what I like best.  Of course this means more hospital knitting, but I'm no rookie when it comes to that. Elise's coming home ensemble was waiting on gender specific button and a few extra details, too.  The only real problem I foresee is that I don't actually know how to crochet- any good tutorials out there? 

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Ready for Tiny Toes

Since baby is behaving so well, and has stayed put until now, it will be rewarded with not just new hats, but also matching booties.

It took me a while to get around to making Saartje's Bootees, but I am so glad I finally jumped on the bandwagon.  These tiny toe-toasters knit up so quick and are such a joy to look at.

Who knows, at this rate, Baby #2 may end up with a new sweater before arrival.

Yarn:  Madelinetosh Sock (green and blue variegated) 
Madelinetosh Merino Light (blue and purple)

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Boy or Girl?

After the past couple posts, a couple of you are thinking I may know the gender of Baby #2.  Well, I guess I'll really throw you for  loop in this one:

That's right.  As it was with Elise, I am clueless.  I figured I would make a purple set and a blue/green set for coming home from the hospital.

I also kind of think that with the right outfit a little girl could pull off the blue/green set, and a little boy always looks quite pleasant in purple- agreed?

If you're wondering why we don't find out the gender of our babies before they arrive, it basically all boils down to this.

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