Button Time

I did end up finishing my Cascade last week, but was waiting to block it before I took pictures to share.  Now, a week later, Cascade is still unblocked, so the best I can do is this:

Besides blocking, I still need to decide on some buttons.  So, I hit the ever-intimidating button jars:

I was thinking I could go with my old classic: vintage brown leather buttons:

But then I found enough of these pretty brown buttons.  I was having a hard time getting a good picture, but they remind of an old clay pot- pottery class style:

Here's a closer look, the reflection was giving me issues in every shot:

I could go matchy-matchy:

 Add a little contrast:

Or a lot of contrast:

So before I took on the task of sewing on buttons, I decided I would come here to seek opinions- I know my readers never steer me wrong!

I'm also thinking of doing a hat and somehow incorperating the same leaf pattern- any suggestions there?

And for those of you wondering about the yarn- nope, it's not Madelinetosh, its Kona Superwash DK from Woven Art in East Lansing.  This yarn shop is one of my favorite places to buy hand dyed yarn.  The colorways and selection are impressive, the prices can't be beat.  I love that it is (kind of) local to me, but for those of you who live far away, you can still request colorways and order online, just follow the link above!


While millions of people head to the stores on Black Friday in search of the greatest deals on the newest electronics and trendiest toys, I tend to spend the day at home. There have been years in the past that I may have gotten up in the wee hours of the morning for some 'amazing' gift bag that only a few chosen shoppers receive, but those days are long gone. I value sleep over shopping any day. Plus, with laptop in hand, I can do all the shopping I need to do in the comfort of my own home!

And this year, just like years in the past, I avoided the crowds...until I saw the JoAnn's circular. With slipper season at its peak, I seem to be running out of buttons faster than I can sew them on.

I have been waiting for a couple months for the buttons to go on sale at JoAnn's, and they finally did. Fortunately, I didn't have to fight the crowds on Friday, the sale was going on all weekend. Not only were buttons half off, but there was also a coupon for 20% off my entire order(even sale items...exciting, I know!). So, what normally would have come out to over $500 in buttons($500!?!) ended up costing me around $200. Don't worry, I got a TON of buttons- my receipt is taller than me(by a good amount, too). And without further ado, I present the buttons:

If you want a closer look, click on the picture itself and it will open in a new window. I have at least a few of all the buttons pictured and they are currently all available for slippers. I have quite a few favorites in this new batch... which ones are yours?