Planning out the New Year- Calendar Roundup

With the new year quickly approaching, it's a time to start making goals and thinking about things I would like to accomplish in 2011.  Although in the past few weeks I have thought that having a baby has somewhat robbed me of ambition (taking care of Elise has been my number one priority- I love spending time with her and anything that takes me away from that has been put on the back burner), I figure I'll be back to my old self once we settle in to our new 'normal' (whatever that may be).

For the past couple months I have been saving links to some of my favorite 2011 calendars to share here on the blog.  I'll take a moment now to share these with you, along with showing you the calendar I ordered for my craft room.

With enough room to jot a quick note on a specific date and still be able to see a snapshot of the entire year at once, this calendar by Miriam Bereson would be a great piece to add to any room.  It has the ability to add a pop of color and functionality!

To purchase (and while you're at the site, look at some of the other cool items for sale)

If your crafting need has not yet been satisfied this year (or you feel the need to start the new year with a calendar craft project), you can try you hand at this DIY calendar found over at Design Sponge

A full tutorial can be found here

Looking for a calendar you can take with you?  For only $4.35 you can purchase the pdf to print out this calendar for yourself:

Or you can simply hop over to Spoonflower to purchase a fabric with a calendar printed on it:

You can find quite a few options here.

There's this great accordian calendar by Snow & Graham:

Or maybe you're more the puzzle type?

I am in love with all the images in this loosleaf calendar by simplyhue:

But ultimately, the calendar for me is this beauty by Cicada Studios

I purchased it a while back and you can actually see it in my studio here:

Did you spot it?

If you would like this calendar for yourself, it's not too late- you can order until tomorrow... better get a move on!  I love the idea of keeping the tea towel for years to come- this may start a new tradition in our house. 

What about you- what calendar are you using in 2011?  Have a favorite?  Share a link, I'd love to see them!