The Aravis Cowl!

 Making our grand prize winner in the "Name that Cowl Contest"  Woolcat!

Congratulations to Woolcat, who wrote:

I suggest the "Aravis Cowl" - because I am reading "The horse and his boy" to my daughter, and I think Aravis would have loved a cowl like this - it has just enough femininity and mystery, and just enough practicality, for a well-bred Tarkheena like Aravis who is not afraid to take on an adventure. Also I can totally see Aravis looking good in purple. And she could have used the hood to hide in when she didn't want to be recognised. And there is no Aravis pattern on Ravelry, so you'd be original!

I read "The Horse and His Boy" as a child, but when Woolcat suggested the Aravis cowl, I decided to do a little research on the character.  I headed to Wikipedia to read the account of Aravis, whose character did seem to be the perfect name for this cowl.

There were also some other names I liked, and I'll give those a quick mention here.  

Monkeymama wrote:
I suggest the Ludington Cowl, since some of your patterns have location names and I just picture walking in a senic area while wearing that cowl.

But, Ludington is a top on Ravlery. Maybe the Madeline Island Cowl?

I thought monkeymama must know me pretty well, because before I made this a contest, I was thinking about going with Ludington Cowl!  I have named my other cowls after places I've been to, and since we just took a short trip to Ludington, this would be keeping with the theme.  Tara also caught on to the places themed and suggested the following:

I love that you've named some of your patterns for things in Michigan, so how about Purple Rose for the theatre?

Jennie saw this and suggested:

I like Tara's comment on you naming things after places in Michigan. This cowl looks like something I would definitely wear on a perfect fall day like today. One of my favorite places to be in the fall is Kensington Metropark so I vote for the Kensington cowl. It also looks like the sky when sun coming up over the lake at the park!

Kensington cowl sounded so great, and I only live about 15 minutes away from Kensington, but unfortunately 'Kensington Cowl' already has a presence on Ravelry.

As mentioned in the original post, Woolcat will receive the new Aravis Cowl pattern along with a skein of Malabrigo Worsted to complete the project (yup- that's all it takes!).

All the others I mentioned here will also have the pdf pattern sent to them, just because I like the way they were thinking!  

Also, as promised the first five commenters will also be receiving a copy of the pdf pattern. This includes: Lisa, Chelles, Beth, Joyce Laurie, and Three Birds Jewelry

If you don't hear from me by the end of the day, it means I have no way of contacting you.  You can send me an email at melynda [at!] to let me know where to send the pattern.

Thanks, and congrats to all the winners.  Remember, it's not too late to enter the Never Not Knitting Pattern Giveaway! (and don't be surprised if you see another giveaway pop up tomorrow!)

***pattern should be posted and available for purchase later today, I will post again when it's ready to roll!***

Name That Cowl Contest

As I mentioned last night,  next week marks the first blogiversary of French Press Knits.  In honor of this occasion, today we will start a little contest that will lead into a new pattern release next week.  I've been holding back this cowl for some time now:

  With October Stockpile starting in the Malabrigo Junkies Group on Ravelry, I figured there's no time like the present to launch a pattern that utilizes just one skein (yes, one!) of Malabrigo Worsted.

This pattern is worked in the round with a classic fan and feather pattern.  The hood is shaped with short-row shaping within the infinty-cowl style.  Knit on size 10 circular needles, this is sure to be another great last-minute gift idea.

And here's where you come in.  This cowl does not yet have a name, and of course it would love one.   In the comments section, please leave me suggestions for a name.  If I choose the name you suggest, you will win the cowl pattern upon release, and a skein of Malabrigo Worsted in purple Mystery to get your WIP started!

And that's not all!  Be one of the first 5 people to leave a comment with a name suggestion, and you will automatically win a pdf of the pattern emailed and/or gifted to you on Ravelry when the pattern is released next week. 

The winning name will be announced on Tuesday, October 5, with the pattern going live soon after.  Comment by Tuesday morning for your chance to win!