Finding Inspiration

For the past few years, when images of Squam would flicker across my computer screen, the thing that would entice me the most was the beautiful embroidery.  It made me long for Squam, for the opportunity to sit and stitch a piece of fabric by hand.  Although I didn't get a chance to take any classes this year, I did get the opportunity for some retail therapy at the Art Fair.
img source: rebecca ringquist

I didn't have much time to leave my booth, but I happened to have a table right next to Rebecca Ringquist- the drop-cloth sampler queen herself.  I purchased a few samplers along with a starter kit- enough to get me started on the long drive home.

Many of my Squam meals were spent with new friend Lisa Gerber.  It was probably our little ones that brought us together, and I am so glad they did.  Lisa was the first person I was looking up and emailing when we arrived home and I am excited about the new friendship that was formed.

Being super unprepared for the Art Fair (notice I don't even have any pictures of the night- it was insane) led me to comment on how prepared Lisa was for the show.  Her table was cute to boot, with all sorts of embroidery supplies and kits.  She was sporting the most simply perfect apron for handling cash and I coveted it the moment I saw it (for both practical and aesthetic purposes, of course).

img source: lisa gerber

Seriously, how cute are those pin-tucks?!  No quicker did I comment than she told me she had them for sale and I made my first purchase.  But before the night was over, I purchased one of her embroidery kits.  It seems to have everything I need to get started, including a stitch guide.  

img source: lisa gerber

So, I was well-prepped with embroidery supplies for our car ride home. Unfortunately,  after the day we had, no stitches were put on to fabric.

Now it's almost time for TNNA, and my dream of embroidery has been pushed aside for more knitting.  After all, after two months of not much knitting, this guy still has a ways to go:  

And my embroidery finds just sit waiting:

I have started an inspiration board on Pinterest, and I even have a couple books on order.  Once I get through TNNA this week, and a couple baby knits for a shower next week, I should have some down time to start stitchin'.   Are many of you out there embroiderers?  I would love some advice on the best place to order supplies (whether online or in stores) and where you find inspiration.

ps... Both Rebecca Ringquist and Lisa Gerber both have Etsy shops where you can purchase their kits- have fun!

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