Big Sis to the Rescue

Remember this post?  We can all rest easy- my big sister has saved the day!  You see, I was not the only one to purchase a cashmere Target hat from the thrift store a year and a half ago.  I had totally forgot my sister had purchased one, too.  I should have known she had some laying around- afterall, she did make Elise these super sweet mitts when she was born:

Amanda is my older sister, the one who I take visits out to North Dakota to see. She lurks around the blog (leaving comments under the alias 'Anonymous' and then signing it 'Amanda').  She has also made an appearance here at FPK.  Do you remember the Lansing Cowl and Beret
She happens to be my beautiful model!  Anyway... Amanda happened to read my post a couple weeks ago when I ran out of yarn.  My wonderful sister then sent me yarn that very same day- how great is she?  Elise will get a girly pink cashmere shrug afterall!

ps... The Lansing Cowl and Beret is almost 6 months old, which means I will soon be able to release it to the public.   Look for it at the end of March!

I Saw Buffalo

As I mentioned last week, we recently spent some time in North Dakota. This is one of the buffalo I saw. Ok... it is actually a bison, but you didn't know the difference, did you? Believe it or not, buffalo sight-seeing was not the reason we made the long trek to North Dakota. Here are the reasons:
Love. Them.

We had a wonderful trip- I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Back on the home front, we jumped right back into slipper-making mode(not that I didn't knit up plenty of pairs while we were away). The great news is that Joe is getting quicker and quicker with his knitting. What this means is that I may have time to get another pattern about before Christmas. I started one today... :)