More Details

The new craft room is moving right along (hopefully all the construction will be finished by the end of today!) and I have been quite busy making decisions on how to furnish the very open space.

Have you ever seen the Pottery Barn Bedford Project Table?

I have always considered it an ideal workspace, but the price tag plus added shipping always stops me from purchasing. It seems others have the same issues as I do as I have found many other ideas for a similar table that people have suggested.

Here's one for $549 from

You can find details on how to make your own project table for under $150 here:

As for me, I will be trying to rig up somthing similar using cabinitry from Ikea. I'm trying to make final decisions now, and will hopefully be ordering by the end of the week.

How about you, what is your ideal workspace? Where do you currently do most of your artsy/crafty work?