Most Impressive Colorwork

Wish I had a little more time to write today, but unfortunately taxes, wholesaling, and general business needs seem to be taking me away from anything that even remotely resembles creativity these days...*sigh*

Since I haven't had a whole lot of creating time, I stole a picture of this hat that Joe is working on to show it off. I don't know about you, but I am quite impressed. I know there were a few comments on my mittens post from people who fear colorwork. Let this be an encouragement to you! Joe has only been knitting since early summer (when I forced him to learn to help with slipper production) and this is his very first go at stranding. I wish I would've tried it sooner, my mittens were only the second colorwork project I have ever attempted (the first being my little lamb sweater).

Joe does have a funny method of working his hat. He is purling all of the stitches and keeping the working yarn toward him... anyone else ever used/seen this method?

So if you are waiting to take the colorwork plunge, time to jump in- you'll be in good company!