Pitter Patters

As I mentioned last week,   I have a few tips to share on sizing down the French Press Felted Slipper pattern for little girl's feet.

My sister Amanda (baluethy on Ravelry), recently made slippers for both of her daughters by modifying the original pattern ever-so-slightly.

Here are the main things that change:

1.  Use one less strand of yarn on each part (two strands for the bottoms, only one for the sides and straps)
2.  Take out one stitch of width on bottoms (Cast on 4 stitches instead of 5)
3.  Take out ten rows of length for the bottoms
4.  Take out eight rows of length for the tops

My nieces are ages four and five, and although they are two sizes apart in shoe size, my sister followed the same exact formula for both feet.  She just made sure the child was with her as she felted, so they could try them on during the felting process.

I have had someone else tell me they made the slippers for their 10 and 12 year old daughters by simply taking one strand of yarn out and following the pattern as written.

I realize that the above are very general adjustments and some of you would like a little more detail.   In order to provide a little support, and to help each other out along the way, I have started a thread over in the French Press Knits group on Ravelry.  Hop on over to share your hints and tips here.