A Very Plucky Day

Love at first sight. Some say it happens, others disagree.  When it comes to yarn, I'm afraid it happens a little too often.

This past Saturday, Jill (Knitterella) and I made the trek to the other side of the state for a Plucky Open House.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Plucky Yarns, you must be educated!  Here's a crash course:

The open house was hosted in Liesl's (aka browncurls on Ravelry) gorgeous home in Grand Rapids and Sarah (the face behind Plucky Yarns, thepluckyknitter on Ravelry) brought a beautiful variety of yarn.

 Sarah's long time friend, Nicole came along as well.  She's not on Ravelry yet- hopefully soon (after all, she did have the cutest stitch markers I have ever seen!)?

Besides all the plucky yarn, Liesl gave us a tour of her amazing stash.

(as you can see, yarn wasn't the only thing gawked over in Liesl's closet!)

These were also spotted in Liesl's room:

They were very well-loved (holes in the bottoms and all!)

Jill walked away with some great finds (and since she does Plucky's design work, she had credits to spend- jealous!)...

And knitting ensued

All in all, a wonderful day- I hope it happens again soon!

And tomorrow... a peak at what I stepped away with and how it's knitting up (I'm not purposefully keeping it from you, but the gloomy weather is not allowing an impressive yarn stash picture).