January Highlight

Although January was a bit of a crazy month for me, I did enjoy a fabulous visit with my good friend, Knitterella. Just a few hours of getting together to talk knittin' can get me through a cold a dreary month.  It's so nice to have a friend who shares your passion about a topic, and in our case- we are knitters, through and through.

Although the kids were a bit stand-offish and shy when we first arrived, it wasn't long before these two little ones just wanted to "nuggle" in bed.

     *I think we can all agree that Elise was pretty enamored with this "big kid"

And it wasn't long before I was chumming it up with this new little guy:
*Bonus points for those who remember this sweater

I also got a chance to help Jill finish her Anthro-Style Plaited Head Wrap:
*cute, yes?!  Find more details here.

All in all, a fun and relaxing day, with three super cute kiddos:
*everyone together now:  Awwwww!

And to follow up from the other day: no, I am not being so productive as to be working on a new pattern.  But for those of you you guessed I cast on a Levenwick for myself, you are correct!

Oh, and I also got a couple comments on my super cute stitch markers (which they are).  You can find a post about them here.

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A Special Visit

On Tuesday both Elise and I enjoyed a visit from our favorite knitting graphic designer- Knitterella!... also known as Jill (and sometimes even Jillerella around our house).  It was so nice to spend the day talking yarn/patterns/designing- you know, the biz.  It was also Jill's first time meeting Elise- I could tell Elise was a big fan.

Could've had something to do with the amazing gift she brought:

which Elise promptly changed into and wore around town later in the day.  To read more about the visit (and the cute sweater/gift tags/etc) find Jill's post here.

For those too lazy to click who want to know what the pattern is- it's the Playful Stripes Cardigan from Never Not Knitting.

Knitterella Giveaway!!!

As if this week hasn't been exciting enough, I have another giveaway to offer up today!  If you have been reading my blog for any time at all, you have probably heard me mention my good knitterly friend, Jill.  Jill is better known in the knitting world as Knitterella.

Jill is a graphic designer by trade, and a knitter by choice!  With these two talents, she has created her own line of Knitterella Stationary for knitters.  I actually knew of Jill's work before I knew Jill the person- it's popped up all over the big knitting magazines, including Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits.

Besides the stationary,  Jill has also been busy designing logos and layouts for many knitters. If Sally Morgan is the "Physchic to the Stars", then Jill is the "Graphic Designer to the Knitters".  If you have been looking for a great graphic designer to work with, you should check out Jill's work (but honestly, if you are a knitter, you've porbably already seen it!).  Jill was one of the graphic designers behind Alana's new printed pattern line- so if you read my blog, you saw her work on Monday!

Up for grabs today is the complete set of Knitterella notepads:

One lucky winnner will receive all six notepads from the Knitterella collection.  Here's how to enter...

Stop by to check out the rest of Jill's line.  What's your favorite item- what would you like to see more of?  Leave a comment on this blog post before tomorrow night (midnight, EST) for your chance to win. Winner will be announced on Friday along with the Never Not Knitting Giveaway winner.  

For an extra entry, copy and paste this to your Twitter feed:

Just entered the giveaway on for a chance to win notepads from @knitterellajill .You should enter too! @frenchpressknit

I have my own Knitterella notepads- here's one of them hard at work:

This one reads,  "Knitting through the day one stitch at a time"- how fitting!  This is definitely the 
ugly side of working on a new design.  Fortunately for you, by the time I have a  pattern all ready to go, it's a bit more legible than the above picture!

TNNA Recap

This past weekend I found myself among many talented fiber-industry folks at TNNA.  It was an amazing experience to meet so many people that I admire so much (and, I have to admit- looking at all the new yarn and knitting products wasn't so bad either!).  I could go on for a while talking about all my excperiences there, but instead, I will leave you with a few photos. 

A couple photos were snagged from Knitterella's blog- follow the link to her recap!

Knitterella, Knitterella

A couple weeks ago I had the priveledge of attending Yarn Harlot Day with my new friend Jill. In the online/blogosphere world, Jill is commonly known as Knitterella.

A graphic designer by day, Jill combines her love for knitting with her artistic ability to bring knitters everywhere one-of-a-kind knitting stationary. Not only is the stationary creative and beautiful, but it is also hilarious. When we went to the Detroit Public Library to see the Yarn Harlot, Jill debuted her new line of humor note cards ( to follow up with her humor gift tags).

Note cards includes saying such as, "I'll show you my stash if you show me yours" and "If knitting is wrong I don't want to be right".

My favorite, though, are some of the gift tags. It is impossible for a knitter to read these tags and not crack a smile. "I made this especially for you. Even if you don't like it please act like you do!" and "Just because it's handmade doesn't mean it was cheap" are a couple of my favorite. You can check out the rest of the line here in the Knitterella store.

Jill's gift tags have recently shown up in Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting, and Knit Simple magazines. If you think they look familiar, this is probably why!

So, not only does Jill run a fabulous knitting blog (which needs to be added to your Google Reader!), she is also hard at work creating wonderful gifts specifically geared at the knitting community. I can't wait to see what she adds to her line next!