Another Michigan Weekend

It's no secret that I love the state of Michigan.  Summer and fall provide many opportunities for weekends away in beautiful places.  It's crazy that driving just a couple hours from home can get us to so many resort towns and vacation destinations.  This past weekend, Joe planed a trip to Ludington, MI for our fifth anniversary.

*Look at that belly- getting big, isn't it?!*

Ludington is a place where I spent childhood summers camping with family.  Not only would my immediate family be there, but also all my cousins, both sets of grandparents, and many friends would gather and spend the last two weeks of summer vacation camping at the state park.

When I first found out we were headed to Ludington, I didn't think there was any way that I would be camping in my (pregnant) state.  I thought surely Joe had booked us a room at a local bed and breakfast or hotel... no such luck.

 Although I was worried at first, and my mood did probably not show much excitement to get away, sleeping in a tent while 6.5 months pregnant was not as bad as I imagined (he did get us a camp site right by the bathrooms afterall).

Our days were spent hiking and biking (my feet are sporting the blisters to prove it!), and every meal was prepared over an open fire.  We got a little cocky, thinking we had this camping thing down, until we realized that the next time we would be out camping there would also be a little one to attend to.

Although it was a week of Ludington pack into a day and a half, it was a wonderful getaway...

and a beautiful weekend.

And for those of you concerned with weekend knitting- I actually didn't get much done.  I was afraid of the smell of campfire and smoke creeping in to my yarn, so it stayed in the car for the weekend.  No trip is ever complete without a visit to the LYS- and we did find on in downtown Ludington.  It's called Nautical Yarns and it was a very impressive shop.  I didn't expect them to have such a large quantity and variety.  It's good to know I have a place to vacation that will be able to supply me with all my yarny needs!

Anyone out there ever been to Ludington before?  What's your favorite weekend getaway?