March Forth

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Whenever March fourth rolls around, Joe states, "March fourth...the only day with a command!" Because it is also one of his best friend's birthdays, he calls him up and instructs him to "March forth into a new year!"

When I posted this on twitter this morning, I was reminded that there is also "March First". How could I have missed that?! Here I am, thinking I need to 'March forth' when I didn't even 'March first' a few days ago.

Anyway, since the date does tell us to do something, we like to make it a notable day. Believe it or not, it is probably one of my favorite days of the year. I mentioned our good friend's birthday, but there are also other notable March 4th's in our past.

-Last year on March 4th, I registered my Etsy shop. Although I didn't actually start posting hand knits for sale until the end of the month, I had just decided on my name and took action. Because of this, this past year has been an incredible journey into a new world of creating, designing, and blogging.

-My grandparents got married on March 4th 53 years ago (Happy Anniversary, Dee Da and Doe Doe- I love you!).

-Today I will begin tackling the Adobe Creative Suite I just got in the mail- we'll see where that takes me :)

-My favorite March 4th? Five years ago today, while visiting my grandparents and celebrating their anniversary with them, Joe asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. What a wonderful day that was. Here's to the next 55 years!

So, take action. What have you been putting off? March forth and make today count!