Before and Almost-After

Although things are still a work in progress for the nursery, I wanted to show you the work that was done last week.  Quite a transformation in just a few days (remember?... I'm lovin' the second trimester!). 



Obviously this was post- shower and things have yet to be put away, but at least this gives you a little idea of what I've been up to!

I still plan on getting an overstuffed swivel-glider in a bright yellow color (much like the inspiration room), but that still needs to be ordered.  From there it will be finding a place for everything and getting things up on the walls!

For those of you who have heard the rumors- yes, I will be attending Stitches Midwest this weekend!  Jill (Knitterella) and I will be heading down later today and spending the weekend in Schaumburg.  Not sure if there are any meetups going on, but I would love to attend.  If you are there and want to meet up, email me at melynda [at!]