Up North

For Michiganders, many summer weekends (and extended weekends) are spent 'up north'.  It's hard to describe the beauty and charm of 'up north', but it's always fun to expose newcomers to the experience. 

We started the end of last week up at Mackinac Island.  My first visit to Mackinac was for our first anniversary. There are no motor vehicles on the island, so travel is simply by horse drawn carriages and bicycles. 

Now that we have visited a few times, one night on the island is enough to kick off a nice up north vacation (as long as we make sure to stop at Marc's Double Oven for morning pastries!).

The rest of our vacation was spent in Petoskey...

With old friends

And new ones, too!

Boating, swimming, and just general relaxing time ruled, and we took advantage of it.

And as far as knitting goes, there was time for that, too!

 I was able to stop in the LYS (Cynthia's Too!) and spotted these little guys on display.

And much of my downtime was spent knitting this little number:

I'm hoping to have an FO by the end of this weekend- I'll keep you posted!