Today I met up with Brittany of My Mom Thinks I'm Swell. We have been following each other on twitter and in the 'blogosphere' for a few months now. I will often tweet about how much I love Center Street Knits in Northville and she happens to live only a few minutes away. Besides having the wonderful opportunity to chat and catch up in 'real life', Brittany was also able to give me some great photography tips. She also helped me snap some shots of my newest design.

Here's a sneak peek:

Check back tomorrow as I should have the pattern ready(along with more pictures and details!).

The lovely ladies of Center Street Knits have been putting my Autumn Orange Cowl pattern to use! They have been knitting it in Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky and I love the result. I took some pictures on location to spruce up my pattern pictures. Thanks to Nancy for a beautiful shop to take pictures in and to Brittany for these wonderful photos and for teaching me how to get 'smudgy' background pictures!

This last picture I am so excited to share- I feel like a proud mother. In reality, it is a proud wife moment. This is Joe's swatch from Craft Day. He learned cables! Impressive, yes?