pregnant halloween costumes

For Those Wondering...

I did come up with a (very) last minute pregnant Halloween costume.  Although I loved the idea of being Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Joe liked the mummy (mommy) suggestion, a long Friday afternoon teleconference left me with very little time to do anything.  I was left with five minutes to run into Target on the way to the party and came up with this:

Not gonna lie- I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with this (and all I needed was a fat Sharpie and white T-shirt.  I then 'made' the costume while sitting in the car in the driveway of the house the party was at).  First person to figure out what I was wins (you don't actually win anything- but you will have the satisfaction of winning.  How's that for taking you back to 'things you heard when you were a kid'?).  

*hint: It does have something to do with pregnancy