ravelry roundup

Ravelry Roundup- 5/17/11

I know I've fallen a couple weeks behind in roundup-world.  Here's what's been catching my eye the past couple weeks:

Ok, I know there are some other awesome new patterns out there that I missed- what are you itching to knit these days?

Ravelry Roundup: 5/2/11

Stranded knitting- gets me every time (and bonus, it's free!).

These just make me giggle a little- so cute I couldn't help but throw them in.

Love the hat, love the photo even more.

Just a pretty little thing.

Gorgeous, but no surprise coming from the Panopticon.

Loved watching all the O-Wool beauties pop up this week.  Was particularly drawn to the simplicity here in Lintel.

Ahh... I love Milan, good enough!

I'm sad to admit that I did not get to view all the new patterns this week- crazy week, little time for knitting/browsing.  May need to play catch up next week!

Ravelry Roundup- 4/25/11

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.  I'm back to kick off a fresh week with a new Ravelry Roundup.  Through your comments I learned that there is another blog that recaps Ravelry finds.  Falling Stitches posts a Ravelry- What's Hot list that is so much fun to see.  Make sure you hop on over to see Ariane's list each week. See the similarites and the differences!

This beauty just popped up last night.  I can't decide whether I like the back or front more, so you get two pictures of it.  I didn't want anyone to miss out on either view.

I've told you before that I have a hard time resisting a good slouch- this hat fits the bill.

Although not available quite yet, the pattern description states that the free pattern will be posted at the beginning of May- not too much longer!

I fell in love with this cardigan months ago when Kate first posted it on her blog. It's amazingly perfect, and if I knit a sweater for myself anytime in the near future, this will be the one.

There's just something so right about little knit figures dancing on heels.

Wear it as a shawlette, wear it as a scarf.  This pattern has a lot of versatility. I'm so happy I hound this because I used to follow Derya's blog and it was one of my favorites.  Here I thought she stopped blogging, turns out my Google Reader was no longer picking up her posts.  I have some catching up to do now!

And just because every roundup must have it's share of baby cuteness- how about this number?  Looks like it would be fun and quick, I love how different/old fashion it feels.

Any newbies that popped out to you this past week?

Ravelry Roundup - 4/18/11

So I've made a decision about the Ravelry Roundup.  It will be a Monday post... mainly because I have such a hard time posting on Mondays!  Since this is something I work on throughout the week, it kind of gives me a 'bloggy freebie' so to speak.  Remember - you can find past roundups here (under my 'links' tab). 

We all know that I love me some colorwork, these mitts fit the bill!

This shawl proves that knitting doesn't go out of style- even in the summer months!

One of the first projects I ever made was a navy blue hat with rainbow colors- I can't help but be in love with this cowl.

You remember when  posted about the baby Gramps Cardigan?  Well Kate has sized it up to adult size and paired it with a perfectly slouchy hat.  I fell in love with the hat as soon as I saw it. I've got my pattern and yarn- will hopefully be casting on soon!

Another perfect summer knit- time to get rid of the fair-weather knitters!

I love this idea.  We all know I will be dealing with diapers for a goodish amount of time. Why not throw them in a cute knitted case?

Light and airy, and the perfect tone of grey.

Precious... need I say more?

Lovely!  And in my favorite (Plucky) yarn.

We all know Jared Flood has an eye for gorgeous- this shawl does not disappoint.

Racer back, playing with texture- I'm sure this would be a very excting tank to knit up.  No boring stockinette to worry about here!

This is just fun- totally intrigued by the construction.

Who doesn't need some fancy mittens?  Knit them now and save them for the first fall breeze.

Ok... favorites?  Any that flew below the radar this week?  Share them below!

Ravelry Roundup- 4/6/11

Hopefully I didn't scare you when I didn't post a Ravelry Roundup last week.  Even though my queue grows to a size that is incompletable in this lifetime, I still enjoy seeing all the new designs that come out week to week.  Without further ado, I present the roundup for this week:

Another new deisgner to me, but after glancing through her designer page on Ravelry, she is now added to my favorites.  So many cute knits for kids!  Also- look at that beautiful hand dyed yarn.  You guessed it, none other than my sponsor this month, Tanis Fiber Arts!

Add another blog to my Google Reader- it seems I love the work of the Brown Stitch, too!

A little classic cardi to wear everyday (for some reason- it seems way more acceptable to wear a cardi over and over.  Pullover?  Not allowed!  There's something magical that happens when you add buttons to the front!). 

I have never knit with beads- this cowl makes me want to try it out.

Hello, cuteness!  Anyone have any upcoming baby showers?  That's right... I do!

The texture, the lace, the colorway- a must-knit!

I've said it once- I'll say it again:  this girl can design!

You wouldn't be allowed to wear it everyday (see above), but that doesn't mean it wouldn't get a ton of wear in my wardrobe.

The new Twist Collective was recently released.  A perfect evening break is making myself a cup of tea and sitting down to click through a new Twist Collective.  They have the best patterns/styling.  In other news, Hilary just had a little baby boy- congrats to the whole Yarniad family!

Another Twist Collective gem.  In TC, they have a thin purple belt around the waist- too perfect.

I originally saw this in person at Knit Michigan- what fun to see it pop up on Ravelry (Don't you just love those Jul Silver Pedestal Buttons?!?). 

Shorter sleeves, open front, plus... you can wear it everyday (see above)!  I could definitely get some use out of this in my spring wardrobe (this and about any other design from knitbot).

And there's your roundup.  Thoughts?  Favorites?  What's been added to your queue?