Spilling the Beans

This weekend I am more than excited to stay home and work on a few projects. Above is a new design that I have been knitting away on. I'm happy to say that next week, I should have 3 new designs with test knitters (well, depending on how this weekend goes, of course).

Currently, Joe is downstairs getting all the walls ready for priming- the basement knitting studio is moving right along!

Last night I made this Black Bean and Chorizo Chili from the Cooking Light website. My sister would make this chili in the winter, now that she moved so far away I have to make it for myself. Although is calls for chorizo sausage, she is a vegetarian and replaces this with soy chorizo. I decided to make it exactly the way she does and picked up some soy chorizo at Trader Joe's earlier this week. The chili also calls for cinnamon and chocolate- no joke, check it out!

So with plenty of work ahead of us, I think our weekend is set. What about you, do your plans include being out and about, or staying warm inside by the fire?