On Swatch Watch... Take Two

Three new colors- I think we finally have some winners. After some of the new floor went down, it seemed to completely change the look of every swatch we had put on the wall. Here were the original 9:

The color that was my favorite (the beige around the outlet on the right) began to look 'fleshy' against the tone of the wood.

Here is an update of the actual craft room/knitting studio area:

Now the trouble is just deciding what color should go where... it never ends!

Crafting Space... The Little Details

My new studio is moving right along. No, I still haven't chosen a color, but I have bought 3 more samples to try... unbelievable! We have made the decision to get the floor down first, then see how the samples look.

There is a new folder at the top of my internet browser that reads "Craft Room Inspiration". Today I want to share a few items that I love, and if I haven't purchased them already, I plan to before project completion.

Thanks so Country Living, I am totally convinced I need a vintage tobacco cabinet. Why, you ask? Just look...

This Letterpress Poster is great. I have not yet decided on what color to order, I'll wait until the end for that.

I already have this clipboard, but I very well may be purchasing a few more once colors have been decided on. So many more colors, its very hard to choose!

I love the look of an old card catalog. I'm not exactly sure where to find them (I have seen a couple on Craigslist- but they were a little out of my price range), or where I would even put it, but if the space is available, I may be on the lookout!

Although my folder is very full, I will save some items for later. Anything you can't live without in your home office/ craft room? I'd love to see it!

On Swatch Watch

Last month we started our basement renovation with the main purpose of having a specific office/craft room area for French Press Knits.

We were moving right along but it has come time to pick out colors. You'd think that after painting 9 (yes, nine!) swatches on the wall we'd be closer to picking a color... not necessarily! We are leaning toward the light color around the outlet in the second picture (Cappuccino White by Glidden). The basement is a large area, so there may be a few different colors- but again, that is yet to be decided.

Any advice, any tips? Do you have any rooms that you *love* at the moment? Throw up a link, I would love some inspiration!