Yarn and U-Turns

Just a quick post to let local knitters and fiber enthusiasts know about a more than amazing sale I stumbled upon last week. When working in Grosse Pointe on Thursday, I noticed a new shop on Mack Ave. The Grosse Pointe area has a lot to offer, but when I'm at work, it takes a lot for me to stop.

On Thursday, it couldn't have been a better situation. It was lunch time, I spotted a blue awning with the "The Knotted Needle" across the center, and my next appointment was across the street and still a half hour away. When I saw the the word 'Knitting' accompanied the shop name, how could I not then perform a (totally legal, I'm sure) u-turn?!

The store is just lovely, they just reopened about a month ago. They moved the shop, but not far; just next door from where they were before in order to gain more space. The shop is open and airy, with yarns(and needlepoint supplies) abounding.

Here's the real kicker... they are having a sale that runs until Thursday(December 24th). Many of their yarns are buy one get on FREE! Can you even believe it? I don't know the whole list, but many yarns were included. So while there's a few more days left, make sure you stop by The Knotted Needle in Grosse Pointe. I bought a bag full of yarn last week, but I decided I need to go back and get more...I will be there later this week to stock up. Forget stash busting, it's Christmas...time for stash building!