Ideas For Old Reader's Digest Books

So last week, when I posted some of my 'Thrifty Finds', I completely forgot about my ten vintage Reader's Digest books. I first saw these books when visiting my friend Kelly earlier this year. She has them around her living room- they are all so charming! So, when I spotted a large table of these books while in North Dakota I was elated- even more so when I discovered they were only 50 cents a book! These are a few of my favorite covers up close:

Today I decided to do a search to find what people were doing with these books. They are all so unique and lovely, I knew I would find something.

Two Ring Binders by Cluttershop

I do have plans for some of these books already- you'll have to wait to see what I come up with (is the suspense just killing you?!?). After their initial use, I'm not so sure what I'll do with them. Any ideas? If nothing else, these books will surely adorn my bookshelf with pride!

Thrifty Shopping

If you ordered anything from me last week you probably noticed that I was a little slower than normal on response time. There is a reason for this- me, my husband, and my parents hopped in the car and drove over 16 hours to visit my sister's family in North Dakota. You see, my sister and her family used to live across the street from us. Just about every day after work I had the luxury of visiting my nieces. It was so much fun to play the auntie roll these past fours years, but in July, they moved (and they moved FAR!).

Although North Dakota is not the typical place most people would consider visiting on vacation, I couldn't have asked for anything more than spending time with them. Much of the week was spent de-popcorning their walls (yes... every surface had a popcorn texture, not just the ceilings!) and painting, but I managed to sneak in some antique and thrift shopping as well.

So before I show some pictures of my finds, I must give a disclaimer about my knowledge of antiques. The simple fact of the matter is that I have no knowledge. I am dead wrong every time I guess at a price on Antqiues Roadshow, the actual worth of a piece means nothing to me. If it looks pretty to me, I pull the trigger.

Come on, who doesn't need a Playmaster Ribbon Writer?! I have no idea what I am going to do with this (extremely) heavy piece of metal- but doesn't it look cool? I even tried it out:

Take away the fact that this thing is probably polished in lead, and this makes a very cool toy for children to play with! When I was young, there was a large barn on our property with an old cash register. My sister and I always had a blast playing with that. I guess this reminded me of it in a small way!

I loved the look of this lone dish towel. The navy blue and golden yellow really do something for me. Does it match my kitchen? Absolutely not! That's ok, I can find a use for it.

These two items are pieces bought for my future knitting studio (hey... a girl can dream!). I probably won't actually use these wool combs or darning egg, but they are perfect knit-friendly decorations! The dish towel got to stay in the pic... see, I'm already putting it to use!

And perhaps the item I am most excited about: over 350 grams of recycled cashmere! A thrift store that we visited had a bunch of brand new, 100% cashmere hats. Cashmere is cashmere...I bought every .99¢ hat and took them all apart before we even headed home! I have red, blue, baby pink, and black...any suggestions?