Green on Grey

The people have spoken- it was almost a unanimous 'green on grey' victory.  So cast on I have, and my new cowl is coming along quite well (if I do say so myself):

With the Aran weight yarn, things are just clipping along.  It takes me about 45-50 minutes to do a section of ten rows.  At that pace (and only 42 rows total in the color work chart)  , I should be finished in a jiffy.

Now that I brought up the issue of timing myself, I need to know- is this something you do when you're knitting?  I often find myself with the clock/calendar pulled up on my computer so I can see how much time- down to the second, it takes me to complete a row.  From then on it becomes a little game- can I beat my best time?  Why did that row take so long?  What did I do that past row that made me so efficient?

I know there are many knitters out there who say it's not how fast of a knitter you are, it's the quality of work you produce.  It's not that I disagree, but with only about two hours a day (on a good day) of knitting time, I just feel I need to put those seconds to good use!

I enjoy the 'journey' and the 'destination'.  Sometimes the journey is a little more fun when I can be a bit neurotic about timing.  I can't be the only one out there...


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