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DIY IKEA Work Table

It's a far stretch from a "big reveal", but I just couldn't wait to share my new work table with you. A couple weeks ago I posted about a project table that I fell in love with. Thanks to the help of Ikea, I was able to create my own project table. The best part? It is bigger, cheaper, and (I believe) more functional then the original I fell in love with. With this I present my customized IKEA workspace:
Isn't she a beaut'? I've already spent a good amount of time just daydreaming of all the work that will be accomplished in this area. I can't wait to fill those drawers and get started.

Although the table wasn't the cheapest option I looked at, I do think it will be more functional than all the others I saw. Here's the breakdown:

My total for the piece came in around $700

This still may be a little out of price ranges for a simple craft table, and after spending a good amount on time on the IKEA website, I believe this concept can also be made for less. One thing I was really set on was drawer space, but let's face it, drawers cost money. Ikea has many other options that can be used as the base of a table like this. Here is another breakdown:

2 Smadal Bookcases: $70 x 2= $140
Here, you are looking at a cost of under $350

Unfortunately, only the Numerar countertop comes in this wide of a piece, but there may be yet another option. If you wanted more a a square table, you could purchase 2 slabs of Lagan counter top (still butcher's block, slightly thinner than Numerar) at $39 each. This would produce a square table (about 50" x50") and would come in at about $220.
For me, I am more than happy with how my custom piece turned out. Plenty of drawer space, a large work area, and a permanent home for these guys:

That's right- no more clearing the kitchen counter whenever I need to wind a ball of yarn!
As for the rest of the basement, it's still a work in progress(you may have noticed the painter's tape in the top picture... trim seems to never end). It also seems the more we do, the more the list grows. I thought it should be the other way around.
In the meantime, I have put myself on a knitting ban. No more knitting until I have a place for everything. I did sneak in a project a couple weeks ago that hasn't been posted, more on that later.