Weekend Edition

Although I am not usually one for posting on the weekends, today I wanted to share a glimpse of what many of my weekends this fall have looked like.

Many of my Saturdays have been spent getting to know local knitters at French Press Felted Slippers Workshops around my home base in Michigan.

I know I mentioned it briefly here, but a couple weeks ago I spent the day at Have You Any Wool in Berkley, MI doing a trunk show and a slipper workshop.  It was a wonderful day and a great group of ladies who came out to learn my special slipper techniques!

If you are interested and in the area, the trunk show is still being showcased at Have You Any Wool.  Here you will find hard copies of all my available patterns, with examples of finished pieces; in addition to patterns and projects which are up and coming.

Despite the due date of our little one being the end of November (really?!  just over a month left??), I do have a few classes planned locally.  Today I will be at The Knitting Circle in Milford, and in two weeks I will be back at Knitting on The Fringe in West Bloomfield.  If you are in the area- come say hi!