yarn shop

Checkin' In

Hello there, blogosphere!  So sorry for my delay in posting (I'm sure you saw it coming).  We have been enjoying our time as a family of three and getting used to new schedules and agendas.

 Blogging, and sadly, knitting too, have seemed to take a back seat in the past couple of weeks.  My urge to knit has been returning to me- I'm excited to get on Ravelry and search around for some cute baby girl knits.  I know I must have some project ideas saved in my favorites, and now that things are finally falling in to place here on the home front knitting will soon return!

Today I took Elise out for her first visit to a yarn shop.  We stopped by Center Street Knits in Northville. She loved it... can't you tell?

Truth be told the little peanut was all tuckered out and slept the whole time- but at least we have some photos to remind her of her first trip the the yarn shop!

Did you happen to notice her super-cool sheep shoes for her special visit?  That's right- we've got a future knitter on our hands. 

I'll be back on the blogging soon- I still have at least one tutorial that I was working on for Craft week that never got published.  My ear warmer inspired by Anthropologie's Plaited headwrap is still in the works. 

In order to do up a tutorial, we needed to make a new headwrap to show the step-by-step instructions on how it is assembled.  The knitting is *almost* finished- we can soon show the end result. For those of you who have emailed me about the pattern- it is on it's way, thanks for your patience!