Elise in Clara

It's official- my make-shift paper towel holder and wooden spoon dress form has been replaced.  Remember the Clara dress?  It was the first item I knit when I found out I was pregnant.  I have been in love with this little knitted dress for a couple years, but told myself I couldn't order the pattern until I knew I was expecting.  How satisfying to see it on my little one.

Elise wore the dress to church yesterday- it looks a little out of season (I know, I know- you don't think yellow for winter baby, but I fell in love with the Soak Worthy ad), but with a long sleeve onesie and tights we got the job done.

*Elise says 'hoorah' for a new knitted garment (as if she doesn't have enough!)

More info on my Clara dress here and here and here

Clara- Off the Needles

In all honesty, my Clara Dress has been off the needles for a while now.  My big problem was getting the right pictures.  The dress is pretty small, I figure about newborn size, and I don't know any brand new baby girls who could be my models. 

I tried to lay it flat or drape it over a chair, but I just couldn't get the right shot.

The solution?  Paper tower holder + wooden spoon tied together with cotton yarn.  How fitting.

Maybe it's time for one of these.

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