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International Craft Day... It's Finally Here!

The day has arrived- I hope you are all busy bees working on your project of choice. For us in the Bernardi household, we have been keeping up with our newest project- Elise Michela.

I went into labor on Thanksgiving (don't worry- I got a turkey dinner in before we left for the hospital) and Elise made her entrance to the world Friday morning, November 26 at 11:05.  Our bundle of joy is just a little peanut- weighing in at a mere 6 lbs 12 ounces. Elise's special handknit coming home outfit was adorned pink buttons and little flowers.  It turned out a little something like this:

Unfortunately she was still mistaken for a little boy on our way out of the hospital- guess it's time to incorporate some pink into our gender neutral wardrobe.   Needless to say we are in love and totally in awe of our daughter- we just can't get enough of her.

Posts may be a little delayed for a bit until we get our schedule a little more figured out (our little party girl seems to think 4:30 am is an acceptable bedtime).  I do have some more tutorials drawn up for later this week, but new projects take precedence.  Because it is craft day- I will make sure I get a few stitches in, it wouldn't be right if I didn't :).

It's Almost Here!


Does anyone know what a week from today is?  Probably not, unless you happen to remember reading my blog a year ago to know what is celebrated in our household the first Sunday after Thanksgiving.

That's right- a week from today is International Craft Day.  This will actually be the seventh International Craft Day we are celebrating.  Craft day really isn't international, or national, or even state or city- wide for that matter- but it has become a bit of a tradition for us.  I figure with a little more warning on the blog this year, we might actually be able to officially call it International Craft Day.  I mean, come on... all we need is one Canadian friend to participate and acknowledge it as a holiday- any takers?

Why celebrate International Craft Day?  The Sunday after Thanksgiving just seems like a great time to focus on creating.  The Christmas season is quickly approaching and the weather is cooling outside.  With Thanksgiving leaving us in an post-turkey haze, there's just no better day to hunker down inside next to a warm fire, your favorite hot liquid, and craft of choice in hand.

So grab your needles, thread, sewing machine, hook, paper, glue, fabric, buttons, embroidery, yarn, whatever it is that suits your crafting desires.  In honor of International Craft Day, we will be having a bit of a craft tutorial explosion over the next couple weeks here at French Press Knits.  The craftiness will start tomorrow.  In lieu of a tutorial, I will instead be showing you where my crafting is taking place these days.  That's right- a long awaited introduction to my newly finished craft/knitting studio!

Find a little more history on International Craft Day here.  See you tomorrow!

International Craft Day

Did you know that today happens to be "International Craft Day"? Well...'international' may be a stretch. Truth be told, it's not even "National Craft Day"...but it is the first Sunday after Thanksgiving, which means it is "Craft Day" in our household!

When Joe and I were just dating, I taught him how to knit on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The two of us sat all day working on our projects. By the end of the day, Joe had a very tightly-knit pot holder(which never actually made its way off the needles). At the time, we jokingly called the day "Craft Day", and have acknowledged this day as a holiday ever since!

Today marks the sixth annual Craft Day and crafts are certainly a'plenty here! Besides working on slippers, I will be using the oatmeal colored yarn above to work on my next pattern. In case you were wondering, the yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky in Porcupine. Joe plans on expanding his knitting repertoire by learning how to knit cables. This way he will be able to test knit my new pattern- what fun!

I realize that I should have given a head's up to my readers beforehand to announce Craft Day, but at least I didn't let the day go by without posting! So today it's me, Joe, warm mugs of Chai tea, a fire, the rain, and knitting- perfect!