Easter Sweater

We here in Michigan were almost convinced that two weeks of 80 degree weather in Mid-March would continue through to summer.  And although it would have been quite an anomaly, we should all know that it just wasn't a possibility.  And suddenly, dreams of a warm Easter Sunday came to an end.

The result?

A new sweater for Elise, of course!

Plans for a lightweight shrug were quickly changed to accommodate the dropping temperatures, and to be quite honest, I'm glad they did- because how cute is this?

What I really fell in love with is the back detail:

And mine has been coming along bit by bit all week long:

The pattern is Olivia Petit by Connie Chang Chinchio, and although I swear I purchased it from the Quince & Co website in the past week or so, it seems to have disappeared.  Can anyone else out there find it?

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An Easter Sweater

I have a secret.  A new obsession that seems to be taking over my internet perusing hours.  But this new obsession is actually an old obsession rediscovered.  That's right- I've been stalking Etsy once again.

These days I seem to be searching for something a little different though- vintage baby clothes.  I snagged this beauty last week:

I just love the attention to detail- 

Just look at those perfectly precious pleats!

This dress has a date with my daughter for Easter- I can't wait to try it on her.  The problem is this.  Although Easter happens to be super late this year, the weather in Michigan is looking a little bleak.  It's true- waking up to snow this morning was enough to send me into mild depression (and I hear we have another day of it tomorrow?!?).  

So, this short-sleeved beauty needs an equally special cardigan.  The problem?  Easter is, oh, five days away and I have yet to start. I have always had my eye on Lucille by Courtney Kelley but I am open to other suggestions.

I know I will make Lucille at some point, but I wanted to ask you what your favorite baby cardigans were.   Elise could probably use a couple girly cardigans to throw over things in the coming months.  So, let's have them- favorite baby cardigans.  Leave it in the comments!