fair isle

My First Fair Isle

When I saw the pattern I fell in love. I had never officially done a fair isle project before (ok...so there were a couple hats with block letters, but I made that technique up myself!) and I knew this would be a great project to give it a try. All props go to Jennifer Little of Looking Glass Knits for creating this lovely pattern (Stop by her blog- she has many more wonderful creations for you to try out!). The pattern is straight-forward and well-written, I had no trouble following it.

A sweater this special needed a very special recipient. I had just the little guy in mind. Although I still have not met him, I know he's special. Two of the most wonderful people I have ever met are his parents. Can you believe it- two of them! They are just incredible! Besides great parents, he also has an awesome big brother and grandparents that love him so much(all of which I have the pleasure of knowing!). A boy with family this great is destined for greatness himself, and of course he needed a special sweater to kick things off.

Kelly has been one of my best friends for many years. We met back in middle school and although distance keeps us apart, our friendship continues to grow. In fact, Kelly and I started the Etsy adventure together back in the spring (this is one of her gorgeous flower burst paper collages- LOVE IT!). We have motivated each other and been able to share our successes and challenges. She just reopened her Etsy shop- so make sure you stop by!

So here it is, right before it left Michigan to make the long journey to Kentucky (I wish I could have come with it, Kel!).

The detail of the back makes me love this pattern even more- there's something about that center sheep looking at me!

I'll even give you the 'innards':

So here's to you, JW! I know you have a great life ahead of you!