Yarn Harlot Day at the Detroit Public Library!

As promised- an update on the wonderful day the Yarn Harlot came to visit!

This is a quick recap of a *very* exciting day:

Jill (Knitterella) drove out to my house Saturday morning. Because we had never met (and really only started talking via Ravelry on Wednesday), we were a little worried that the other might be a little crazy. Turns out we are both crazy (ok... not really) and really enjoyed each other's company!

Navigating the library was a little trickier than we thought it would be. Our instrustions were as follows:

Take the elevator down to floor A. Turn right, turn right again and proceed through double doors... turn left, go down a long hall, turn right take the elevator back to the first floor. Turn left(?!?!?)We eventually made it (we had to ask for help quite a few times along the way) and set up shop in a crowd of knitters. Thanks to Alice (who came all the way from Iowa), I was very flattered in being asked to sign a copy of my French Press Felted Slipper pattern. There were a few more of these throughout the all of you, thanks for making me feel so special!

And then there was Beth (it is Beth.... right? Beth, are you out there?) who wanted to get a picture of me. I'm not so big on posing alone- so I wanted her in the picture as well. It was so nice meeting you- I'm glad we got a little chance to talk!

*As a side note- a special thanks to my Mom who came along and helped Jill and I navigate the library halls, carry our mechandise, and take pictures- Love you, Mom!

The market place was an absolute whirlwind. We met so many wonderful knitters and saw such spectacular handknits. We closed up shop, headed to the auditorium, and eagerly waited for the Yarn Harlot to come out.

And finally, the moment we were all waiting for! Stephanie came out and delivered an amazing speech... all about knitting! There were many times that Jill and I would look at each other and nod in complete agreeance to the words Stephanie spoke.

Although Stephanie did come and introduce herself during the market- there were many people around and I did not get a chance to get a picture. I was pretty bummed that I wouldn't have a picture of us to put on my blog- but my Mom came to the rescue once again. After we loaded up the car, my Mom volunteered to circle around so we could snap a quick shot.

I love this picture- despite the fact that I look a little too excited to be there. But I was, so I suppose it captures the true essence!

***If you were at this event and have posted any pictures or perhaps a blog post, throw the link up in the comments. I'll add all the links to the bottom of this post so everyone who was at the Detroit Public Library on Saturday can see everyone else's pictures. ***

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