Progress Report

This past months has kind of been the month for baby knits, have you noticed?  No sooner did Little Sailor Girl hop off my needles than Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigan jump on. I made this cardigan for a good friend last year when she had her second son...

...I loved it so much that I knew I would make it again when I was having my own children.  Anyway, that was the picture from last year- right now mine looks a little something like this:

I love this part of a project- the part where you know a few hours of work will bring you to completion.  The end is in sight!

In other progress- this WIP seems to be coming right along as well:

I am now 28 weeks along- I can't believe the third trimester is already here!  I'm feeling big and daily activities are getting a little harder each day, but I know I still have a long way to go.  But, I have to think about it like this- I'm a little like the above sweater- mostly done, just a little finishing left...but definitely in the home stretch (yikes!).