So at this point I realize that I may be a little too late for New Year's Resolutions. it already February?!

I'm usually not one for coming up with a grand list of resolutions when New Year's comes around, and considering my tardiness, I suppose this year is no different. My excuse (and I am always prepared with an excuse) is that I have a birthday coming up next week- so my 'new year' actually starts then! In this situation, I am actually a couple weeks early with my resolutions.

My main resolution is this: spend time knitting for myself each day. This doesn't mean I have to be working on something I plan to keep for myself- just something that I want to knit. This resolution is kicked off with the above project. It may look like a knitted squid now (or so Joe says) but I am excited to get it off the needles to see the end result. It is the Girasole blanket by Jared Flood, a pattern I have admired for quite a while.

The yarn- sadly uninspired. I decided to start this project while I was in Chicago a few weeks ago and literally just snatched up whatever I had the most of as I ran out the door. It's Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool, and of course I have massive quantities of it (It's one of my favorite for the French Press Felted Slippers). Despite the fact that it was a last-minute grab, I'm excited about the progress and how it is working up.

So far I have been keeping up with this resolution (ok...there were a couple of crazy days with no self-knitting) and I'm so glad I am making it a priority. I love to knit- and with all that's been going on here, I want to make sure I continue to love it.

What about you, any resolutions this year? Any you are still keeping up on?