Family Heirloom

Last week when my grandmother came in to town for my baby shower, she surprised me with the blanket my mother came home from the hospital in.

When she saw that the tag read 'Knitown', she thought I might be interested in it.  I fell in love the moment she presented it to me.  

She explained that the blanket has been in their cedar chest for the past 35 years, and she decided to clean it up a bit.  In the process, there was a little casualty: 

It shouldn't be too hard to mend.  It doesn't seem to be fraying. Since it's on a seam, everything seems to be staying intact. 

I am looking forward to bringing this blanket to the hospital with me, and bringing our own bundle of joy home in it. 

Have any of you ever heard of Knitown Products?  A google search doesn't come up with much, and I can't seem to find any information on the company.  Any info would be greatly appreciated!


So at this point I realize that I may be a little too late for New Year's Resolutions. it already February?!

I'm usually not one for coming up with a grand list of resolutions when New Year's comes around, and considering my tardiness, I suppose this year is no different. My excuse (and I am always prepared with an excuse) is that I have a birthday coming up next week- so my 'new year' actually starts then! In this situation, I am actually a couple weeks early with my resolutions.

My main resolution is this: spend time knitting for myself each day. This doesn't mean I have to be working on something I plan to keep for myself- just something that I want to knit. This resolution is kicked off with the above project. It may look like a knitted squid now (or so Joe says) but I am excited to get it off the needles to see the end result. It is the Girasole blanket by Jared Flood, a pattern I have admired for quite a while.

The yarn- sadly uninspired. I decided to start this project while I was in Chicago a few weeks ago and literally just snatched up whatever I had the most of as I ran out the door. It's Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool, and of course I have massive quantities of it (It's one of my favorite for the French Press Felted Slippers). Despite the fact that it was a last-minute grab, I'm excited about the progress and how it is working up.

So far I have been keeping up with this resolution (ok...there were a couple of crazy days with no self-knitting) and I'm so glad I am making it a priority. I love to knit- and with all that's been going on here, I want to make sure I continue to love it.

What about you, any resolutions this year? Any you are still keeping up on?