Navajo Knitting

This past Saturday I spent a good portion of my day teaching a French Press Felted Slipper class at a local yarn shop.  Although teaching is still pretty new to me, I'm starting to get the order of the class down.  When you start the slippers, you start with the bottoms.  Because of this, I kick the class off with Navajo Knitting.

I first learned about Navajo Knitting when a fellow Raveler posted about it on the 'Hints and Tips' thread of the French Press Knits group on Ravelry.  This is also the first I heard of Lucy Neatby (isn't she amazing?!).  Anyway, this kind-hearted and brilliant Raveler posted a link to Lucy Neatby's Navajo Knitting video that can be found on youtube.  When doing the class this past weekend, it hit me that I have never shared this video here with my readers.

Well, it's about time I do:

Navajo Knitting comes from Navajo Plying.  Why is it so useful for the slippers?  It turns one strand of yarn into three.   This way you do not have to separate your two skeins of yarn into three.  Even if you aren't planning on making the slippers anytime soon, watch the video.  Lucy does a great job and you'll be impressed with the new skill you'll learn!