More About the Hat...

**probably my new favorite picture of Elise- I'm totally in love with it (and her, of course!)

As promised, I wanted to share a little more about the super cute baby turban hat that I made for Elise last week.   The pattern is by Pickles, and like everything else they put out, I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it.  I originally saw the little hat when they made an announcement on their blog about Pickles Favoritter, their new book that is now available in their shop (unfortunately it's only in Norwegian, otherwise I'd totally be snagging a copy for my collection).

Anyway, this image popped up and I had to have the pattern. 

I started looking through their website...nothing. The blog... nada.  Their Ravelry store- no luck.  Fortunately for me, time was all I needed and a couple weeks later they posted about the Lazy Daisy Sweater and Turban hat- yay!

Have you seen Pickles stuff before?  I've always been a fan but (for me) it's even gotten better lately.  They seem to have a new baby over in Pickles land and I've been enjoying all the posts (and patterns!).  Their yarn looks just beautiful and they really have a way of putting colors together.  Has anyone out there ever had any experience with their yarn?  It seems that is not available in the States- I've tried putting it in 'my cart' on their website and nothing seems to happen.  Maybe they need a US distributor... maybe I should volunteer for the job :)

Anyway, I made my hat to match Elise's mittens which means the yarn was Knitpicks Palette in Raspberry Heather.  Because a thicker yarn is called for, I just held two strands of the yarn together. 

Ok... enough words- Elise was rocking this photo shoot, so I will leave you with cute baby photos (with bonus "Sneezy Eleezy" shot):