Elise's Nursery

Ok... after some late-night internet searching I was able to 'fix' my posting situation.  I've been excited for the nursery reveal, and I'm glad I will get to share it after all.

But first, go take a look at the inspiration room over at Me and Wee.  You'll quickly see that my creative juices were not actually flowing, I just did a decent job copying :-)

I used a few leftover from my baby shower as decorations (you can spot the ABC poster and pinwheels above).  Both framed pieces on the bookshelf are from my good friend Kelly.  You can find the name collage in her Etsy shop.

And of course there is the chair.  The dreaded project that halted this whole project.  I wish I would've focused a little sooner- we've had some good times cuddling since the chair has made it upstairs (not that Elise is a cuddler- she's always on the go...not sure where she gets that from!).  

I love hoe Elise's Clara dress fit perfectly in with the room decor.  Her little friend agrees, but also thinks there should be more hand knits in the room.  We'll see what we can do about that.

My sister got me these prints on Etsy.  Wish I could tell you where from... (Amanda, do you remember?)

And finally one of the reasons I fell in love with our house- the window seats.  Truth be told (and you can probably tell), I still need to cover the cushion properly.   For the picture, we did a little fabric wrap magic.  Who am I kidding, it will probably stay like this for some time. Oh well.

I'm a little torn as to what to do on these walls.  I do have many pictures that are waiting to be framed, but would it be too much to add to the space?  What do you think?

Chair Graveyard

It's true, my basement is starting to look less like a newly-finished basement/knitting studio, and more like a chair graveyard.  For the past few months I have been busy scouting out old chairs from Goodwills, Salvation Army's, and local garage sales.  Here's what I've come up with do far:

The plan is this:  all chairs will get new coordinating fabric (I've already found a couple that I *love*).  The larger chairs will be painted white- I am still undecided on the little guys.  If I can find a few more smaller chairs in the same wood hue, I will just replace the fabric and keep them as is.  They will be sitting around an antique cherry table, so going white with them may look a little funny. 

When I was getting ready to post about these chairs this morning, this post came up on one of my favorite blogs.  Pretty crazy, huh?

In other news, I am looking to recruit some more help from you, my internet savvy readers once again.  The other day at the shop hop,  I fell in love with this ribbon at one of the shops:

I love it!  So far, I have only been able to find it by the yard.  Can anyone help me find where to purchase a spool??

Recruiting Back-up

There's a little project I want to get started on but I'm stuck before I've begun.  If there's one thing I've learned in the past 7 months of blogging it's that if I have a question, I now have a wealth of knowledge- my wonderful readers!  Again, I need help finding something which should be right up your alley.

I know many of you are very 'crafty' and have experience in many different craft venues, and today I want to know where you buy fabric.  I know there are a wealth of online fabric sources these days and I'm interested to hear which ones are the best.

More specifically, I would love some help finding a yellow and white fabric.  I like the modern lines of the imperial trellis pattern (see above) and the color to white ratio.

I like the Sunbrella fabric above, but am looking for more of a cotton quilting fabric. I like the colors in the swatch above, but would prefer the yellow being a little more vibrant.  I also want to steer clear of flowers and anything else too feminine.
This is more the colors I am looking for, but I would like to see more yellow than white.

Hopefully you have an idea of what I'm looking for, and maybe you fabric enthusiasts have seen something similar out there.  I won't limit it to just fabric.  If you are out shopping and notice some curtains or sheets that look like they might work, let me know where you find them.  So, this is your mission, if you choose to accept it.

Once the project is done there will of course be a fun reveal- but you'll just have to wait on that :)

Craft Room Inspiration

There are many events in a girl's life that she dreams about for many years. Falling in love, her wedding day, buying her first home, starting a family. For me (and I assume many of my loyal readers), designing an ideal craft room has always topped the list.

I admit, in the past decade many a'pages were dog-eared and torn out of my personal collection of Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes and Gardens magazines. There are folders on my computer marked 'decorating ideas' that seem to only grow with time.

I don't know if its the soft colors or pristine organization that draws me in. Either way, it's always been a dream of mine to have a full-fledged craft studio and yesterday, my dream started to become a reality.

We will be starting to frame out our basement on Monday, and an 11' x 15' space will be completely dedicated to knitting. Granted, we will be working within a budget, but I've started looking for inspiration on the web. Get ready for a picture overload... these are just a few of rooms I love:

{via BHG}

{via BHG}

{via BHG}

{via Pottery Barn}

So here's where I enlist your help. Any wonderful craft room inspiration ideas? Throw up the links- I want see them all!

Fall Decor

I love fall... I believe I touched on this subject before! It is a beautiful season, the outdoors are truly at their finest.

It should therefore be no surprise that I also enjoy when my indoor decor echos these outdoor hues. Houses look so beautiful in warm and comforting tones. I even make sure I have candles that smell like pumpkin pie burning 24/7.

But not this year. This is as far as I got.

About two months ago I took my fall decor out of our storage room and moved it into the upstairs hallway. I really thought I would get it all set up... turns out, I was wrong!

Between work, the slipper making, and trying to work on some patterns, the decor was neglected. I even bought little pumpkins for my mantle that never got put to use. So sad... sorry, little pumpkins!

I did, however get my favorite fall picture up:

I fell in love with this picture when I first saw it in the Martha Stewart Living Magazine last fall. I immediately ripped out the page and framed it. Who knew a torn out magazine page could make such a statement!

At this point, I figure it's time I put the fall away and just let my Christmas decorations take their turn in the hallway. Who knows, maybe I'll get around to putting them up this season!