Fall Decor

I love fall... I believe I touched on this subject before! It is a beautiful season, the outdoors are truly at their finest.

It should therefore be no surprise that I also enjoy when my indoor decor echos these outdoor hues. Houses look so beautiful in warm and comforting tones. I even make sure I have candles that smell like pumpkin pie burning 24/7.

But not this year. This is as far as I got.

About two months ago I took my fall decor out of our storage room and moved it into the upstairs hallway. I really thought I would get it all set up... turns out, I was wrong!

Between work, the slipper making, and trying to work on some patterns, the decor was neglected. I even bought little pumpkins for my mantle that never got put to use. So sad... sorry, little pumpkins!

I did, however get my favorite fall picture up:

I fell in love with this picture when I first saw it in the Martha Stewart Living Magazine last fall. I immediately ripped out the page and framed it. Who knew a torn out magazine page could make such a statement!

At this point, I figure it's time I put the fall away and just let my Christmas decorations take their turn in the hallway. Who knows, maybe I'll get around to putting them up this season!