Fall Decor

I love fall... I believe I touched on this subject before! It is a beautiful season, the outdoors are truly at their finest.

It should therefore be no surprise that I also enjoy when my indoor decor echos these outdoor hues. Houses look so beautiful in warm and comforting tones. I even make sure I have candles that smell like pumpkin pie burning 24/7.

But not this year. This is as far as I got.

About two months ago I took my fall decor out of our storage room and moved it into the upstairs hallway. I really thought I would get it all set up... turns out, I was wrong!

Between work, the slipper making, and trying to work on some patterns, the decor was neglected. I even bought little pumpkins for my mantle that never got put to use. So sad... sorry, little pumpkins!

I did, however get my favorite fall picture up:

I fell in love with this picture when I first saw it in the Martha Stewart Living Magazine last fall. I immediately ripped out the page and framed it. Who knew a torn out magazine page could make such a statement!

At this point, I figure it's time I put the fall away and just let my Christmas decorations take their turn in the hallway. Who knows, maybe I'll get around to putting them up this season!

Free Pattern- Orange Cowl

This morning before work, I set out to become an official Ravelry Designer. I didn't realize that I couldn't even post pictures with my patterns before I was linked up as one of their designers. So now I have a lone pattern wondering around their database with no photos attached. How sad!

I am launching the pattern to my French Press Felted Slippers this upcoming Monday(October 12) and wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing on Ravelry. Turns out, I didn't! Let's hope they approve me as a designer before Monday.

And as promised, I will kick things off with a free pattern. This is a very simple pattern- perfect for a beginner. Just in time for cold autumn winds: A cowl made with super bulky yarn. Not only will this cowl keep you warm, it will knit up extremely fast!

Autumn Orange Cowl

The stats:

one size fits all
1 skein Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick
Size 13(US) circular needles, 16"

This cowl is very simple- it is worked in the round in seed stitch the whole time. Since there are an odd number of stitches, just keep the pattern(K1, P1)throughout.

Cast on 41 stitches

Round 1: K1, P1; repeat to end
Round 2: P1, K1; repeat to end

Repeat these two rows until cowl is desired length.
The orange cowl is about 30 rows high. Bind off.

Want to print to out easliy? You can find the pdf here. Have fun and stay warm!